Mobile Clinic

The Choices Mobile Medical Unit is equipped to help women facing pregnancy decisions with excellent care, compassionate support and honest information.

Mobile Clinic

Our Mobile Clinic provides the same professional, compassionate care you would receive in our brick and mortar clinic.

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This mobile unit is beautifully equipped allowing our team to perform FREE pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to women in our community. Our mobile unit will provide the following services:

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • Ultrasounds

  • STI Testing

  • Options Information

  • Abortion Information Counsultation

Mobile Clinic Schedule

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Abortion Information Consultation

If you’ve found yourself in a difficult position with a pregnancy and you’re considering an abortion, there are critical questions you need to have answered.

Many factors can impact the decision you will make, and Choices is here to provide information and services to help you work through your decision.

Our team will provide you with information about all the options available for your pregnancy—abortion, adoption, and parenting—and what each one involves. You will understand the process, potential risks, and possible outcomes for each option.

It is critical that you have information about what is going on with your pregnancy and your body. Our medical staff at Choices is here to provide that for you. One of our healthcare professionals will meet with you for a medical consultation and to provide you with the following services:

  • Lab quality pregnancy test to confirm that you truly are pregnant.
  • A limited obstetric ultrasound to tell you how far along you are and whether there is a living pregnancy in your uterus (both of which are critical to know before an abortion procedure).
  • Limited STI testing to protect you from complications that come from having an abortion procedure while you have an STI.

Regardless of the choice you make, what you do about your pregnancy will have an impact on your life. So it is vital to understand the options you have and the potential outcomes of each one. At Choices, we want to help you make an informed decision.

If you are going to have an abortion procedure, you need to know your rights and responsibilities as a patient to make sure you are protected and safe.

Choices does not perform or refer for abortions, but we are here to help you understand what you can and should expect from an abortion provider and what questions to ask as you prepare for your appointment.


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.
Have more questions? You can contact us at 813-982-4200.

Walk-ins may be possible for pregnancy tests. In order to minimize your wait time, you may schedule an appointment.

You will receive forms to fill out via text prior to your visit.  Please bring a form of photo identification.  Preferred identification includes a valid or expired state-issued driver’s license, passport, or photo identification card, military ID, valid student photo identification card, or employer-issued photo identification with your name. 

Our services are offered at no cost to you.

Absolutely. Anyone is welcome to come with you.

Your privacy is important to us.  We will not disclose any information without your consent.

You may make an appointment as soon as the first day you have missed your period. Our free, medical-grade pregnancy tests are 99% accurate and can detect even early pregnancies.

You will receive your pregnancy test results during your appointment.

When you have a positive pregnancy test at CHOICES you may qualify for a free ultrasound.  Before receiving an ultrasound, each patient will be assessed by a medical staff member to determine eligibility. The purpose of the ultrasound is to detect fetal heartbeat, determine gestational age (how far along the pregnancy is), and to detect the location of the pregnancy (pregnancies that develop outside of the uterus, known as ectopic pregnancies, can be life threatening).

When you arrive you will be checked in and asked to fill out some paperwork.  Then a staff member will take you to a private room to discuss your situation.  They will share information on your pregnancy options and answer questions you may have.  They will administer a urine pregnancy test and share the results.  If you brought someone with you, they will be asked to wait outside for the beginning of the appointment but you can invite them to join for the education and testing portions.

Choosing to have an abortion may have left you suffering some consequences that you were not expecting.  Have you taken the first dose of the abortion pill Mifepristone (Mifeprex or RU-486) and having second thoughts? There is an option to reverse the abortion pill.  Call this 24-hour hotline to connect with someone who can help: (877) 558-0333

We can help support the emotional consequences that you may be experiencing. Our trained and compassionate staff is here to offer a safe place to talk about your abortion experience.


What people say about it

"I never felt pushed or guided.  I just felt very informed.  Which is the only thing a girl in my situation could have asked for."


"Very welcoming.  Great staff and very sympathetic."


"She gave the best emotional support and was trustworthy. From the moment I talked to Lauren on the phone I felt confident on coming to this place. It was at the scariest moment in my life and when walking in and Lauren welcoming me I felt secure. She gave me what I was looking for, answers, love and support."


"If you're looking for a safe place to get help and information this is the place to go."


"Everyone was amazing!  I felt completely comfortable during my visit!  Judge-free zone!  Love that!"